Coming Soon: The Giver Gives to Give 

Selected Works
        Deb Never, Disassociate
        Deb Never, Sorry   
        Skullcrusher, Storm in Summer   
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        Deb Never, Disassociate
        Skullcrusher, Storm in Summer
        Skullcrusher, Farm
        Gabe Goodman, Grand Caravan
        Poppy Jean Crawford, One Time Hunny

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        Laura Lee, Khruangbin

A clown walks into a bar and stumbles into a curious game where they learn the rules of give and take.

The Giver Gives to Give is a black & white silent film experiment shot on 16mm. With an All-Star cast of musicians and an original score by SASAMI, this film is a pure exploration of human potential rooted in noise and Rock N’ Roll. We made this film as a pursuit to deeper understand our own hearts and the hearts of others, what it means to give and how to navigate the circus of it all. Now that the film has been shot and is moving onto post-production stages, it is time to do justice to our amazing cast and crew who made this dream a reality, many of whom offered to offset their compensation until we are able to secure proper funding. We are inviting you to join our process to ensure we are able to wrap this project with proper compensation for our entire crew, as well as to cover basic screenings and distrubtion. 

Story: Silken Weinberg
Direction: Angela Ricciardi & Silken Weinberg
Producer: Riley Bradford
Editor: Manoli Despines
Cinematography: Robert Nachman
Camer Operator: Angela Ricciardi
1st Assistant Camera: Sarah Rattay-Maloney
2nd Assistant Camera: Jacqui Carriere
1st Assistant Director: Christian Wallace Shriver
Production Design: Lieyah Dagan
Production Design Assistants: Jeremy Reynoso, Allison Robinson
Costume Design: Ella Tiberi
Hair & Makeup Artist: Emily Taylor Hirsch
Graphics and Illustration: Chase Shewbridge
Gaffer: Robert Nachman
Key Grip: Taylor Frontier
Grips: Luke Valdes-Rodriguez, Jesse Newman, Tate Becherer
Production Assistants: Kenny Wells, Sarah Inrieri
Sound Mixer: Connor Casper
Score Composer: SASAMI (Sasami Ashworth)
Poppy Jean Crawford (The Clown)
Brian Lee Hughes (The Ringmaster)
Helen Ballentine (The Fisherman)
Lucas Tamaren (The Boxer)
Lena Hindes (The Bartender)